Saturday, 7 July 2018

Historic Medical Officer of Health reports

There's an interesting spot by Canadian based blogger John Reid concerning new Aberdeen Medical Officer of Health Reports that are now available online from the Wellcome Library - John's post is at The post refers to the reports from the years 1890, 1895, 1900 and 1902-1971, for the city of Aberdeen only, although a search of the catalogue shows that there are many other reports from across Britain and Ireland that are also available.

Medical Officer of Health reports from across Scotland for the year 1891 only are also freely available on the ScotlandsPlaces website at's the blurb on the site for this collection:

From 1890 onwards a full-time Medical Officer of Health was appointed in each county in Scotland with a remit to report on the state of health of the county and its various parishes and towns. The annual reports of the Medical Officers give an objective view of the living conditions, diseases and major health issues in different parts of Scotland. Information on the individual parishes and towns are found within the 'registration districts' headings found in these volumes. The National Archives of Scotland (NAS) has an incomplete set of the published reports from 1891 onwards (NAS HH62).

A useful resource to help add some context to the environments where your ancestors once lived.

(With thanks to John Reid)


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