Sunday, 30 December 2018

Can Seo - Scottish Gaelic for beginners

I was delighted earlier today to discover that a 20 part BBC TV series called Can Seo, from 1979, has been uploaded to YouTube. Translated, 'can seo' means 'say this', with the purpose of the series being to help people to learn Scottish Gaelic, known in the language as 'Gàidhlig' (as opposed to Irish Gaelic, or 'Gaeilge'). When I lived in Bristol in the 1990s, this was the series that got me started with learning the lingo myself.

If you have ancestors who once spoke Gaelic in Scotland, you might wish to dip in for an episode or two to sample the delights. I should add that, as well as being an easy to follow series, it is now somewhat wonderfully dated! The accompanying text book is freely available online at

Presented here is the first episode (also available at

Further episodes are available on YouTube via the Pàrlamaid na Gàidhlig account at - and you'll also find episodes of another series called Speaking Our Language, presented by a former boss of mine at Scottish Televison, Rhoda MacDonald.



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