Sunday 7 April 2019

Ancestry adds Cheshire parish registers

Ancestry ( has added a collection of parish registers for Cheshire in England. Here's the description:

Cheshire, England, Parish Registers, 1538-1909
Source: Church of England. Record Office Chester, England.

This collection contains images of Church of England parish registers recording baptisms, marriages, and burials during the years 1538–1909 from various parishes in Cheshire, England.

Parish records are the best source of vital record information before Civil Registration began in 1837. Both the British government and the church had an interest in record keeping, and a 1538 Act of Parliament required ministers in the Church of England to record baptisms, marriages, and burials. This database includes records with dates ranging from 1538 up until 1812, after which George Rose’s Act called for preprinted registers to be used as a way of standardizing records. Also note that marriage records were to be kept in a separate register starting in 1754, so they may not be included in this database.

See the browse to determine which parishes are included in this collection and the dates of coverage.

About Baptisms:

Children were usually baptized within a few days or weeks of birth. The records may include when baptized and in what parish, child’s Christian name, parents’ given names and the family surname, residence, father’s occupation, and who performed the ceremony. Sometimes you’ll find additional details such as date of birth. Early records may contain less detail.

About Marriages:

Couples were usually married in the bride’s parish. Marriage records typically include the bride and groom’s names, residence, date and location of the marriage, names of witnesses, condition (bachelor, spinster, widow, or widower), and the name of the officiant. Some records may also include the father’s name and occupation. Early records may contain less detail.

About Burials:

Burials took place within a few days of death. Records generally list the name of the deceased, residence, burial date, and age at death. Early records may contain less detail.


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1 comment:

  1. Just a shame that Ancestry don't check their own publicity... (I live in Cheshire so I was interested in this!)

    "This collection contains images of Church of England parish registers" - all the ones I've checked show it's a text-only collection. (Presumably images are still under exclusive contract to FMP?)

    "See the browse to determine which parishes are included" - there isn't a browse.

    Hey ho...