Sunday, 5 May 2019

Scottish burgess records added to FindmyPast

The latest records added to FindmyPast (, including Scottish burgess records sourced from the Scottish Genealogy Society in Edinburgh:

Scotland, Burgess & Guild Brethren Index
Did your Scottish ancestors become masters of their trade? Uncover details of their lives with over 64,000 records spanning nearly 650 years of occupational records. Each transcript will reveal a combination of their occupation or trade, dates, locations and notable life events.

Medieval and early Scottish burghs were controlled by a minority of residents known as burgesses. The burgesses were merchants and craftsmen of the burgh, they had the right to elect the Town Council, and the merchants were more influential. The other residents of the burgh were 'unfree' and had no vote of special privileges from living in a town. Affluent householders such as chamberlains and lawyers were often 'unfreemen', although many were awarded the status of burgess 'gratis', this conferred citizenship but little else. Widows who were respectable, may also be awarded this citizenship. Becoming a burgess was viewed as the key to social position, it was evidence of economic success within the community.

(COMMENT: Check out this month's edition of Who Do You Think You Are? magazine for an article by yours truly on freeman/burgess appointment records!) 

Scotland, People of Banffshire & Moray 1150-1857
Over 23,000 additional records have been added to the collection. The names in this collection have been discovered across a number of sources. Each record will tell you the original source and a description of the text.

British India Office Deaths & Burials
Over 12,000 additional records have been added to our collection of India Office Deaths & Burials. Discover details about the deaths of your ancestors who died in the UK, British India, Burma and other territories connected to the India office (St Helena, Sumatra, Kuwait, Aden, Penang, Macao). Discover where, when and in some cases how they died as well as where they were buried.

1939 Register Update
Over 37,000 additional 'open' records have been added to the 1939 Register. Since the Register was launched, Findmypast has matched nearly five million 'closed records' to multiple data sources to correctly confirm the date and location of death for individuals recorded.

International Records Update – Bahamas
Discover your Bahamian ancestors in this online index of registered births from the British Crown Colony of The Bahamas, from 1850-1891. Birth records are essential to expanding your family tree. There are tens of thousands of records in this collection, giving information not only about relatives born in the Bahamas but also their parents.

British & Irish Newspaper Update
This week we have added 87,226 new pages to our collection We are delighted to welcome four new titles to our ever-growing collection, including an extensive run of Worcestershire publication the Evesham Standard & West Midland Observer, two Northern Ireland titles (the Protestant Watchman & Lurgan Gazette and the Ulster Examiner & Northern Star), as well as pages from West Sussex publication the Crawley News. This week also sees updates to nine of our existing titles covering various English counties, including five London publications. We have also updated the Crewe Guardian and the Reading Evening Post.

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