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The Genealogist - 1911 census marriage finder tool

From S&N Genealogy Ltd, a new research tool for the 1911 census on The Genealogist (

New - Marriage Finder Tool

TheGenealogist transcribes more fields on census records than any other site, which allows us to offer unique search tools such as the Keyword Master Search.

The 1911 census was the first to record how many years a couple had been married, and we’ve included this information in our transcripts to create a great new tool that links together the 1911 census with our Marriage Transcripts. As the spouse’s name was not recorded on entries prior to 1912, our marriage transcripts search for possible partners by matching up the year, quarter, district, volume and page number.

From the Family View or Household View, the Marriage Finder icon can be seen next to the View Original Image icon. The links under ‘Marriage Status’ and ‘Years Married’ will also activate the Marriage Finder Tool.

The screenshot below shows film director Alfred Hitchcock, age 17, on the London 1911 census with his parents William and Emma Hitchcock.

The Marriage Finder icon is visible on the far right, and clicking this opens up a new window with details of possible marriage entries for the couple. Brides would normally get married in their home parish, and as we can see Emma was born in West Ham. The first entry in the list of marriages is an entry for Emma married in West Ham, and we know that Emma's middle name was Jane, which confirms that this is the correct entry. If you’re presented with several possible marriage entries, and you’re unsure which is the correct one, you may need to obtain a birth certificate for one of the children listed to confirm the mother’s maiden name.

The Marriage Finder window will display new icons on the right, which when selected will allow you to view the original image from the marriage index, view a full ‘certificate style’ record which you can print out for your own records and a TreeView link, which will allow you to save both the record and/or the individual to your family tree.

* Entries for the 1911 census for Kent are now also online at the site.

(With thanks to S&N)


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