Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Original Record update

Just added to the Original Record (www.theoriginalrecord.com):

Members of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts &c.

A List of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures, and Commerce, 18 August 1766.

Hertfordshire Militia

The following notice was issued by James Burgess, adjutant and regimental clerk of the Hertfordshire Militia, 24 June 1771: 'WHEREAS the under-written militia men (not labouring under any infirmity incapacitating them) did not appear on the days and at the place appointed for their annual exercise for the year 1771, although due notice was given of such days and place of exercise, pursuant to the statute in that case made and provided, whereby each of the said militia men hath incurred a penalty of Twenty Pounds, and if not immediately paid is liable to be committed to the common gaol of the said county for six months, or until he shall have paid the penalty: These are therefore to give notice, that whoever shall apprehend the said defaulters, or bring a certificate of their being committed to the common gaol of the county where taken, shall receive for each person so committed, and certified to be committed as aforesaid, the sum of One Guinea; to be paid by Mr. James Burgess, in Coventry-street, London; Mr. Alderman Baskerfield, at St. Alban’s; or Mr. Thomas Mash, at Ware.' The men's full names are given, with age, and height in feet and inches.

Post Office London Directory

The fifteenth edition of The Post-Office Annual Directory includes this 'List of More than 17,000 Merchants, Traders, &c. of London, and Parts Adjacent', arranged alphabetically by surname, with trade in italics, and address.

Wreck of The Harpooner

Return of the men, women and children saved from and lost in the wreck of The Harpooner, 11 November 1816. Most were soldiers, their wives and children, from the 4th Royal Veteran Battalion, and the Royal Artillery, but also some from the 41st, 49th, 76th, 99th and 103rd regiments, as well as De Meuron's Regiment and the Glengarry Fencibles.

Maldon Poll Book

This poll book for the election of a member of parliament to represent Maldon in Essex at the general election in 1852 gives the full names of all voters (surname first: occupiers distinguished by an asterisk) with occupation, address, and for whom they voted.


The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization had been granted by the Secretary of State and whose oaths of allegiance had been registered in the Home Office. These notices, from January to December 1924, refer to naturalizations from December 1923 to November 1924. The lists give full name (surname first) with any aliases; country of origin; occupation; full postal address; date of taking the oath. A dagger indicates re-admission to British nationality.

Imperial Service Medal

Awards by King George V of the Imperial Service Medal to officers of the Home Civil Service. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname and christian names, with office or rank in the service.


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