Thursday, 6 October 2011

Sheffield Flood resources pack

Sheffield City Council has uploaded a school resources pack on the Sheffield Flood Disaster of 1864, at

The disaster was caused by the breach of the dam at the Dale Dyke Reservoir, was one of England's worst Victorian tragedies, and also one of the first for which the damage was photographed. I featured the story in a BBC2 programme a few years back about the flooding of the Derwent Valley and the loss of the villages of Derwent and Ashopton - you can actually walk in the area where the old Dale Dyke was blown away, which is now marked by what are known as 'CLOB stones', standing for Centre Line Old Bank. (Being somewhat flukey, I also managed to fly over it in a helicopter!)

I've just had a look, and the presentation, which is in Powerpoint format, is absolutely superb.

(With thanks to @SheffLibraries)


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