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Manchester Directory
W. Parson compiled this Manchester trades directory included in the second volume of the History, Directory, and Gazetteer of the County Palatine of Lancaster, by Edward Baines, published in 1825. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname and christian name, with address, including house numbers where appropriate.

Bankers, Merchants and Traders of Bristol
These bankers, merchants and traders of Bristol, being 'deeply impressed with the importance of extending the commercial relations of this Country with the East Indies, China, and other Countries to the Eastward of the Cape of Good Hope' petitioned the mayor to convene a public meeting to consider the East India Monopoly.

Manufacturers and Traders petitioning the Mint
This memorial of Manufacturers and Traders, mainly of London and Edinburgh, was presented to the Lords Commissioners of Her Majesty's Treasury, expressing 'their grateful satisfaction at the course pursued by your Lordships in regard to the Chinese treasure received as the ransom of Canton, whereby the gold contained in the Sycee silver and dollars was extracted at the Royal Mint and made beneficial to British interests', and urging that 'a similar refinement of the treasure since paid, or hereafter to be paid, as an indemnity by the Chinese, may be adopted, and that the price usually allowed in the London market for refining may be realized at once among British manufacturers, tradesmen, and artisans, before the bullion shall be sold to serve as a remittance either now or hereafter to foreign countries.'

North Lincolnshire Poll Book
The Poll Book for North Lincolnshire (Lindsey) in the General Election of 1852 was prepared from the poll clerks' lists, and so is arranged polling district by polling district, and within those by township or parish, but with non-voters listed separately at the end of each polling district. The 9,620 voters are listed not by residence, but by the parish or township in which lay the property that gave the right to vote: consequently 260 electors appear twice on the register. 1,797 did not vote. Many of the electors lived outside the area, or even outside the county. The names are listed roughly alphabetically by surname, with christian name, residence and occupation: with a key to the nature of their property (freehold fr, rented rt, or copyhold ch), and for whom the votes were cast (CR.: Rt. Hon. R. A. Christopher, who received 5,585 votes; CH.: Sir Montague J. Cholmeley, 4,777; S.: James Banks Stanhope, 5,575). Each elector had two votes. The franchise comprised all adult m
ales in possession of 40s freehold, or £10 copyhold or leasehold, annual value.

Electors of Dublin University
The roll of all persons entitled to vote at elections for members to serve in Parliament for the University of Dublin lists living graduates of the university, arranged alphabetically by surname and christian name(s), with current residence, dates at which their degrees were conferred - Vern. denoting the Spring, Aest. the Summer, and Hiem. the Winter Commencements - and date of registration. Members of the Senate and electors on the books of Trinity College are distinguished by a dagger. Where an elector's name is given in italics, he was no longer known at the residence given.

The Home Office issued monthly lists of aliens to whom Certificates of Naturalization had been granted by the Secretary of State and whose oaths of allegiance had been registered in the Home Office. These notices, from January to December 1925, refer to naturalizations from December 1924 to November 1925. The lists give full name (surname first) with any aliases; country of origin; occupation; full postal address; date of taking the oath. A dagger indicates re-admission to British nationality.

Imperial Service Medal
Awards by king George V of the Imperial Service Medal to officers of the Home Civil Service. The names are arranged alphabetically by surname and christian names, with office or rank in the service.

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