Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Coming soon - The Mount Stewart Murder

I have another book coming out in June 2012 (exact date TBC), my fifth book but my first dedicated to telling a single story. The Mount Stewart Murder is an unsolved murder case from a small farm in Perthshire in 1866 - the victim, Janet Rogers (Henderson), was a direct ancestor.

In the book I examine the story of the murder and the subsequent investigation, but also the life in and around Perth and the south of the county throughout 1866 and 1867 - there's murders, executions, cattle plague epidemics, and much more. It's an in depth look at a Victorian murder investigation in Scotland, and the unfortunate consequences over the following quarter of a century when the authorities failed to find the killer.

I've received a working copy of the cover today, and the book is already available for pre-order from Amazon at

Tell your friends folks - there's been a murder...!


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