Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Archaeologists nearly nearly find Richard III

Archaeologists appear to be getting closer to locating the final resting place of Richard III. They've now found some bones with the skull cleaved in and DNA is currently being looked at.

One would hope that once the archaeologists have had their bit of fun that they might think about burying him again - we can't be having dead kings lying all over the shop, awfully uncivilised!

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  1. Ah Chris How will the DNA work? It is to be compared to a male descendant of his sister.
    I suppose this man's mtDNA will from his mother which comes from Richard's sister and Richard should have the same mtDNA from their mutual mother Cecily of York.
    This skeleton has a curved spine which they say would cause right shoulder to appear than left ie the hunchback nickname.
    Very interesting.
    So where will they re-inter him?