Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Help shape the 2021 Scottish census

The National Records of Scotland (www.nrscotland.gov.uk), which incorporates the work of the General Register Office for Scotland and the National Archives of Scotland, has the responsibility to carry out the next decennial census in 2021. As such, it is now planning which questions should be asked and how it is to be carried out.

To help fulfil its obligations, the NRS is currently running a consultation to seek the views of the public and of organisations across the country.

Here's oor Tim to say a wee bit more...! (Tim Ellis, Registrar General!):

To access the consultation, please visit https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/national-records-of-scotland-survey/scotlands-census-2021-topic-consultation.  Note that before answering any questions you will first need to read the consultation document at https://consult.scotland.gov.uk/national-records-of-scotland-survey/scotlands-census-2021-topic-consultation/supporting_documents/Topic_Consultation.pdf.

The consultation deadline is 15 JAN 2016.


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