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Nottingham General Cemetery records on Deceased Online

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The Nottingham General Cemetery (also known as Canning Circus), opened in the 1830s and listed as Grade II historic park and garden in 2001, is available to search on There are seven key sites managed by Nottingham City Council, comprising over 1.3 million records, exclusively available through the Deceased Online website.

General Cemetery
Earlier registers for General Cemetery include excellent detail such as trade or profession, and the 1841 example below indicates how lace making and knitting were important to Nottingham at that time. There are also wonderful details on the relationship of the deceased to other key family members (spouse, daughter, son etc).

Register Page
Cemetery maps for General Cemetery available on the website indicate the exact location of most of the graves within the cemetery as well as providing outline maps and the grave reference.

Grave Location Plan
Nottingham's General Cemetery has some famous pioneers from the mid 19th century from very contrasting trades. John Player, founder of cigarette manufacturer John Player & Sons, and John Boot, founder of Boots the Chemist, recorded in the burial register below as a 'Medical Botanist', have lent their names to world-famous brands.

There are now nearly 700,000 burial and cremations with over 1.5 m records for 13 cemeteries and crematoria in Nottinghamshire, available on with collections from Newark Town Council and The National Archives which features Mansfield and other areas. Simply use 'Advance search'; select 'East Midlands for region; then Nottinghamshire for county; then select either 'contributor' or 'cemetery or crematorium' to see what's available.


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