Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Irish and English additions to the Original Record

Latest additions to the Original Record (www.theoriginalrecord.com):

Cheshire Pleas
Civil pleas for Cheshire were recorded in abbreviated Latin on parchment and sewn together in annual rolls, preserved at Chester castle until the 19th century, when they were removed to London. This is a transcript by David Bethell of the court's proceedings from the period Michaelmas 1292 to Michaelmas 1293, hitherto unpublished. CHES 29/7

London Drapers' Accounts
The accounts of the Worshipful Company of the Drapers of London for August 1425 to August 1426 include fees for apprentices, payments from masters, tenants and workers.

Subscribers to The Accomptant's Oracle
Wardhaugh Thompson 'many years an accomptant in London' published 'The Accomptant's Oracle; Or, Key to Science. Being a Treatise of Common Arithmetic: With the Doctrine of Vulgar and Decimal Fractions. Upon a Plan Entirely New. To which are added Decimal Tables, with their Use and Construction.' The work was printed in Whitehaven, attracting a large subscription, mainly from northern England and southern Scotland.

Teachers in county Louth Deserving of Encouragement
The Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor of Ireland awarded gratuities to 'Teachers, appearing, from the Inspectors' Reports of their Schools, to be deserving of encouragement'. Nine such teachers were identified in Louth in 1826, and these are listed in the society's report for the following year, with their full name and the name of their school.

Prisoners in Essex County Gaol for Contempt
The return of prisoners in Essex County Gaol (Springfield) for contempt of court gives full name; date committed; by what authority; cause of committal; and date of discharge.

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