Friday, 12 February 2016

Latest FindmyPast additions

FindmyPast ( has added the following collections:

Ireland, Non-Conformist Births & Baptisms
Immerse yourself in 212 years of baptisms from Counties Clare, Down, Dublin and Limerick

Ireland, Non-Conformist Congregational Records
Did your family join one of Ireland's non-conformist communities?

Ireland, Non-Conformist Marriages
Uncover new branches of your Irish family tree

Britain, Merchant Seamen, 1918-1941
Over 240,000 new records have been added. Discover valuable information about their voyages, ranks, next of kin, physical descriptions and more. In some cases, you may even find photographs. Was your forefather a salty sea dog?

Britain, Business Indexes, 1892-1987
Delve through over 4,000 additional records in a fascinating index of shopkeepers, businessmen and women, and their companies. A number of records will include photographs of establishments and their proprietors. Discover your captain of industry

Shropshire, Non-Conformist Membership Lists, 1819-1906
Examine lists from Congregational and United Reform Churches across Shropshire to uncover your ancestor’s residence and occupation. Learn about their religious beliefs

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