Friday 15 July 2016

NE Scotland and Worcestershire monumental inscriptions now online

FindmyPast ( has added the following monumental inscriptions records to its site:

Aberdeenshire, Banffshire & Kincardineshire Monumental Inscriptions

A brand new set containing 21,078 records from 22 different Scottish cemeteries. The source is Aberdeen and North East Scotland Family History Society.

Parish of Aberdour, Aberdour Kirkyard, 1543-1982
Parish of Auchindoir & Kearn, Auchindoir New Kirkyard, 1884-1984
Parish of Auchindoir & Kearn, Auchindoir Old Kirkyard, 1681-1981
Parish of Belhelvie, Belhelvie Kirkyard, 1541-1982
Parish of Bourtie, Bourtie Kirkyard, 1741-1983
Parish of Chapel of Garioch, Chapel of Garioch Kirkyard, 1744-1982
Parish of Chapel of Garioch, Logie Durno Kirkyard, 1739-1985
Parish of Fintray, Hatton of Fintray Kirkyard, 1752-1984
Parish of Fyvie, Millbrex Kirkyard, 1855-1983
Parish of Fyvie, Woodhead, Fyvie Kirkyard, 1834-1982
Parish of Keithhall & Kinkell, Keithhall Kirkyard, 1853-1982
Parish of Keithhall & Kinkell, Kinkell Kirkyard, 1411-1970
Parish of King Edward, King Edward Kirkyard, 1631-1970
Parish of Leslie, Leslie Kirkyard, 1759-1979
Parish of Lonmay, Lonmay Kirkyard, 1667-1973
Parish of Meldrum, Oldmeldrum Episc Kirkyard, 1823-1985
Parish of Meldrum, Oldmeldrum Kirkyard, 1717-1983
Parish of Monymusk, Monymusk Kirkyard, 1717-1983
Parish of Peterculter, Peterculter Kirkyard, 1673-2005
Parish of Rhynie, Rhynie Kirkyard, 1668-1983
Parish of Tough, Tough Kirkyard, 1714-1984
Parish of Tyrie, Tyrie Kirkyard, 1655-1983

Parish of Alvah, Alvah Kirkyard, 1589-1983
Parish of Forglen, Forglen Kirkyard, 1696-1976
Parish of Inverkeithny, Inverkeithny Kirkyard, 1713-1982

Parish of Dunnottar, Dunnottar Kirkyard, 1570-1974
Parish of Strachan, Strachan Kirkyard, 1737-1975

Worcestershire Monumental Inscriptions
Explore centuries of monumental inscriptions from 178 different parishes. This brand new set contains over 85,847 records.

No list of parishes is given on the search page.

Other parish and burial records have been released for  Middlesex, Devon, Essex, Northumberland and Durham - see


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