Saturday 9 July 2016

The Original Record updated

The following additions have been made to The Original Record (

Customs Officer: Berwick on Tweed
An account of the gross salaries, fees, allowances and gratuities received by the officers of the customs and their deputies at the Out Ports; by what authority they are appointed; with their payments for taxes, deputies, clerks and other contingent expenses.

Subscribers to Immateriality &c.
'An Original Essay on the Immateriality and Immortality of the Human Soul, founded solely on Physical and Rational Principles', by S. Drew, published in Bristol in 1803, attracted a numerous subscription, almost exclusively from Cornwall.

Kilkenny Cess Payers
Panels of twelve cess-payers were chosen from each of the ten baronies of county Kilkenny, to be associated with the justices at special sessions, under 6 & 7 William IV cap. 116. Spring Assizes, 1838.

The Loss of the Lord Raglan: Passengers and Crew
The Lord Raglan sailed from Liverpool with emigrants for Melbourne 23 February 1863. The ship was last spoken on 24 March 1863 in the Atlantic just north of the equator. Neither the ship nor any of the crew or passengers were heard of again: there was a report that a fire had been seen in her direction.

Mercantile Marine Service Association
List of members and Associates of the Mercantile Marine Service Association, based in Liverpool: a indicates associate, c captain, and m mate.

Criminals Fined or Imprisoned
Henry Romeike compiled this list of 800 cases, reported in the newspapers in March and April 1884, in which criminals were fined or imprisoned. The list is arranged by nature of the fine or length of sentence, divided into two groups: offences against property, and those against the person. The compilation was published by D. H. Macfarlane, M.P., to contrast the severity of sentences for theft of trivial property, as against relatively light punishments for assaults: it gives the full name of the criminal, brief details of the crime, and the name and date of the newspaper report.

Picture Judging Competition Prizewinners
The 'Help Yourself' Society, inaugurated by The Stock Exchange Dramatic & Operatic Society, organized a picture judging competition for their Christmas Charity Fund, 1935. Of the thousands of entries received, 3,377 were awarded prizes, and there were also some consolation prizes. The prize list gives number (in order of merit), name and address.

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