Wednesday 9 November 2016

Self-service photography at PRONI and new fees

Northern Ireland's Department of Communities has approved a statutory instrument concerning changes to rules and fees for PRONI services. The Statutory Instrument - Public Use of the Records (Management and Fees) Rules (Northern Ireland) 2016 - will be passed this week and come into operation from December 15th 2016. The instrument revokes the previous order from 2009.

The net result will be that PRONI will continue to offer free access to records on site and online, and that self-service photography will be allowed in the search rooms with mobile phones, digital cameras and tablet devices, subject to the signing of a copying and copyright notice as part of the document ordering process (essentially putting the onus on observing copyright of the materials viewed on the user). A new Code of Conduct is also to be introduced.

A Revised Table of Fees is also being introduced for optional products and services, on top of the free access to records, as follows - prices are exclusive of VAT (click on pic to enlarge):

For further details please contact PRONI (

(With thanks to Dr. Glynn Kelso)


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  1. Hi Chris, so if we take a camera into the search room - is it a charge per photo taken by yourself, or a daily fee (which is the usual at ROs)? Bobbie

  2. I believe it will be free to use a camera or mobile/tablet device (as is the case at the National Records of Scotland and the National Archives in England), you will just need to sign the copyright agreement up front. The large scanner is staying put I think also, which is able to do copies at 30p each onto a USB stick.