Thursday 17 November 2016

Women's and Civilians' records coming to Forces War Records

From Forces War Records (

It’s not all about the men – during wartime many women played a huge part, on land and sea. Some served, whilst others carried out a range of duties to help their country. They were munition workers, air raid wardens, nurses, social workers, farm workers, politicians, drivers and other home front uniformed services.

From November 27th these collections will be on the website:

Civilian Gallantry Awards WW2 (NEW) is a complete range of Honours and Awards given to those 'behind the scenes'. From the Orders of Chivalry to mentions in dispatches, these records are a complete list of all awards made to civilians across Britain and the Empire, over half are women’s records.

Women drivers of the Great War (NEW and exclusive, and free to view until 1st December). This collection contains names of women who volunteered to work as Drivers, Driver Mechanics or Motor Washers for the British Army of WWI under the Women's Auxiliary Army Corps (WAAC). Some worked for home service, some worked overseas.

Territorial Force Nursing Service (TFNS) another exclusive collection to Forces War Records, lists civilian nurses who volunteered to work in military hospitals during WW1, and who received a Medal Roll.

Women in Allied service 1914-19 (NEW and exclusive) this extremely rare list comes from an original book ‘Femina Patriae Defensor’ and contains every woman from every allied nation who served and died in allied war during WW1. Covering many different services, from navy to land army to those who worked in the war factories.

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