Wednesday 8 February 2017

Capuchin Annual 1930-1977 online

The Capuchin Annual from 1930-1977 is now digitised and freely available online on

From the site:

The Capuchin Annual was published by the Irish Capuchin Franciscans from 1930 until 1977. Although its readership was predominately Irish, its circulation was international as it was frequently sent to Irish emigrants particularly in North America and in Australia. It was a journal unique in Irish publishing containing many literary, historical, photographic, theological, biographical and artistic articles. It claimed a readership of 25,000 worldwide at the height of its success in the 1950s. The publication only ever had two editors, Fr. Senan Moynihan OFM Cap. (1900-1970), and Fr. Henry Anglin OFM Cap. (1910-1977). The distinctive cover illustration of St Francis and the wolf was designed by Seán O’Sullivan RHA (1906-1964). Many Irish writers, artists and educators who later rose to prominence such as Benedict Kiely, Pearse Hutchinson, Francis Stuart, Daniel Corkery, Francis MacManus, Richard J. King, Thomas MacGreevey and Augustine Martin received their first opportunities to publish with the Annual. Throughout its publication run it maintained a very high quality of contributions by leading politicians and writers. The Annual frequently reflected a very strong nationalistic theme. The 1942 and 1966 editions of The Capuchin Annual are particularly well-known as they contained detailed articles, profusely illustrated, on the 1916 Rising. The complete collection of The Capuchin Annual is now being made freely available online solely for scholarly research.


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  1. Even if you're not interested in this for historical or family reasons, this run of journals is a really good example of the development of magazine design and graphic illustration over time. Some of the "wood cut" images and what we today would call clip-art place filler graphics (silhouettes of Friars doing friarish-things) are beautifully rendered here.