Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Memory of a Nation exhibition in Canberra

The National Archives of Australia  has announced news of an update to its Memory of a Nation exhibition in Canberra:

Sex education, Chinese Anzacs, Advance Australia Fair and CWA activism are some of the new topics on show in our refreshed Memory of a Nation exhibition.

Every year we update this permanent exhibition, replacing selected exhibits to ensure their ongoing preservation.

The exhibition now includes posters warning of the dangers of venereal disease at a time when the government feared the infections coming back with World War II soldiers would cause infertility in the community and limit population growth. However a letter from the Department of Health shows it was still reluctant to introduce sex education in schools in 1943.

And we look at Chinese Anzacs. During World War I, five sons enlisted from the Sam family. With a white Australian mother and a Chinese father, the sons were seen as ‘sufficiently European’ to serve overseas with the AIF. At the same time, their young brother Percy and father William needed to travel to China and came up against the White Australia policy.

Other new exhibits show the 11-year journey for Advance Australia Fair to replace God Save the Queen as the country’s national anthem and a fresh look at the Country Women’s Association and its political activism.

For more on the archive, please visit www.naa.gov.au


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