Sunday, 14 October 2018

New databases from the Ulster Historical Foundation

New databases have been added to the members area of thre website for the Ulster Historical Foundation (

These include:

A Directory of the Gentry in Banbridge in 1823
A List of People granted Freedom of the Corporation of Coleraine in 1832
A Subscriber List for the book Heterogenea or Medley for the Benefit of the Poor
A List of People Holding Railway Shares in any of the Irish Railways in 1847
A List of Members of Parliament in Co. Down from 1585-1885
A List of Mills on the Bann in 1837
A Petition to Parliament from Banbridge from 1828
Registers of Baptism from First Antrim Presbyterian Church from 1677-1733
Registers of Marriage from First Antrim Presbyterian Church from 1675-1736
Seapatrick Military Records from World War I

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