Monday, 1 October 2018

Welsh parish records added to FindmyPast

FindmyPast ( has added several new Welsh collections:

There are more than 925,000 new Welsh records available to search this Findmypast Friday, including:

Welsh Parish Records
Over 921,000 new records have been added to a variety of our Welsh Parish collections. Additional parish baptisms, banns, marriages and burials are now available to search across 13 of our county collections, including:

Wales Counties Baptisms
Carmarthenshire Baptisms
Cardiganshire Baptisms
Denbighshire Baptisms
Flintshire Baptisms
Breconshire Baptisms
Radnorshire Baptisms
Montgomeryshire Baptisms
Pembrokeshire Baptisms
Glamorganshire Baptisms
Merionethshire Baptisms
Anglesey Baptisms
Monmouthshire Baptisms

Wales Counties Banns & Marriages
Anglesey Marriages and Banns
Breconshire Marriages and Banns
Caernarvonshire Marriages and Banns
Cardiganshire Marriages and Banns
Carmarthenshire Marriages and Banns
Denbighshire Marriages and Banns
Flintshire Marriages and Banns
Glamorganshire Marriages and Banns
Monmouthshire Marriages and Banns
Montgomeryshire Marriages and Banns
Pembrokeshire Marriages and Banns
Radnorshire Marriages and Banns

Wales Counties Burials
Carmarthenshire Burials
Cardiganshire Burials
Denbighshire Burials
Flintshire Burials
Breconshire Burials
Radnorshire Burials
Montgomeryshire Burials
Pembrokeshire Burials
Merionethshire Burials
Anglesey Burials
Glamorganshire Burials

Welsh Registers & Records
Explore six fascinating publications containing over 4,000 register entries and records to discover your Welsh roots. Welsh Registers & Records currently includes the following titles:

Episcopal Registers of the Diocese of St David's, Volumes I & II
Highways & Byways in North Wales, published 1898
Notes On the History of the Anglesey Hunt
Parish Registers of Caerwent & Llanfair Discoed, published 1920
Parish Registers of Conwy, published 1900
West Wales Historical Records, various volumes published between 1913 and 1929

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