Saturday 13 October 2018

The GENES Blog update

As some of you may be aware, this last year has seen some very serious challenges within my current domestic situation, that have prompted some changes to my work patterns, including a reduction in blog posting due to time constraints. I'd like to give you all a quick update, however, to reassure you that I haven't gone away, and that I have no intention of doing so!

Since January I have been working as a caseworker within the political arena, a job which initially started on a part-time basis but which due to changed circumstances I have been doing full time since late February, i.e. Mondays to Fridays. This has meant a shift in my genealogy services, most notably with client work, which has been reduced somewhat, although not completely, and in the frequency of my blogging, which readers will note is currently not on a daily basis. I will keep blogging as frequently as I can - not least because The GENES Blog is coming close to reaching 6 MILLION page views!

Whilst I am still doing some client research, there has been little change to my writing and teaching output. My Pharos courses for Scottish research are still available, with a current Scottish Research Online course at the half way stage just now, and the next Scotland 1750-1850: Beyond the OPRs course kicking off on November 5th (see I have also just signed a contract to write a quarterly column for an international magazine on Irish genealogy matters, and am happily beavering away with content for our great publications on this side of the pond, including Family Tree magazine and Who Do You Think You Are? magazine. I'm also looking forward to attending the Lanarkshire Family History Fair on October 27th in Motherwell, to help with the Ask the Experts stall there with the Scottish Genealogy Network, and the next PRONI stakeholder forum in Belfast in early December.

But the really exciting development currently under way just now is that I am now working on a second edition of Tracing Your Irish Family History on the Internet for Pen and Sword. The first edition, published in 2013 is one of my proudest achievements, but almost six years on the online Irish genealogical landscape has changed dramatically, and I can't wait to get this new edition out to you also. I also have one or two other things lined up which I cannot discuss just yet, including some forthcoming talks, but things are certainly going to get busier soon!

So bear with me folks - I have still a lot to sort through in the next year or so - but I'm hoping normal service will begin to resume again with this blog by the start of next year.

I mean to say like, 6 million is nowhere near as impressive as 7 million - there is genie work to be done...! :)


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