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RootsIreland adds Laois and Offaly records

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New Laois and Offaly Records Online

15th February 2019 By fdmadmin

We are pleased to announce that Irish Midlands Ancestry have added 18,000 records for Laois (Queen’s County) and Offaly (King’s County) to their databases at and These records include:

Tullamore RC baptisms and marriages, 1900-1916;
Census Laois and Offaly, 1659;
King’s County Chronicle, 1890-1895;
King’s County Electors, 1836;
King’s County Voters, 1829;
Landholders, King’s County, 1824;
Landowners, King’s County, 1876;
Landowners, Queen’s County, 1876;
Queen’s County Freeholders, 1758-75;
Queen’s County Voters, 1846;
Rateable Occupiers of Geashill Barony (King’s County), 1883-84;
Subscribers Parsonstown Poor Relief Fund, 1855.

For a full list of sources for Laois and Offaly, and to search these records, go to and

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