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Irish Newspaper Archive adds Cork Evening Echo

From the Irish Newspaper Archives (

The world's oldest and largest Irish Newspaper Archives continues to grow. We have updated the archive with the following new content:

Cork Evening Echo 1896 - 1959

The first tranche of the Evening Echo has now been released 1896 - 1959 with 1960 - 1970 following this September 2019.

Original Newspaper Format:
Editor: P.J. Kelly
Proprietor: Thomas Crosbie(1892-) Thomas Crosbie(1893 -)
Publisher: Patrick Corcoban(Thomas Crosbie & Co 1900)
Printer: Patrick Corcoban(Thomas Crosbie & Co 1900)
Size: 59cm (1896); 63cm (1900)
Price: 1/2d (1900); 2d
Frequency: daily
Illustration: b/w (pink paper)
Departments: b/m/d, local and national and world news, sport, markets, parliament, law intelligence, law sessions
Orientation: conservative nationalist; Fine Gael; Catholic

This was a "sister paper" to the Cork Examiner, and it was also governed by the Crosbie family.
An Evening Echo (almost certainly unrelated) was also started in Dublin in Dec 1892.

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