Wednesday, 8 January 2020

All pre-Partition marriage records now available on

Joseph Madigan, Minister of Ireland's Department of Culture, Heritage and Gaeltacht, has announced the completion of additions to historic marriage records for pre-Partition Ireland, with the release of marriage records from 1845-1864 on Irish genealogy (

Delighted to announce new register records are now available to the public on the website!

Birth records–1864 - 1919
Marriage records–1845 -1944
Death records–1878 - 1969

A rich tapestry of Irish history

As noted the update also includes the latest additions for birth records from 1919, marriage records (Republic only) from 1944, and deaths (Republic only) from 1969, respecting the online closure periods for access to these records of 100 years, 75 years and 50 years respectively.

(Note that Northern Ireland's records platform at has a rolling programme of updates to its database to comply with the same closure periods.)

Have fun exploring! 

(With thanks to @JosephMadigan) 

UPDATE - have just carried out a search and it appears the records may have been added twice - I'm getting double copies of results!

UPDATE 2: I've noticed with some of the birth records from 1919 and deaths from 1969 that whilst images are not available, transcripts are - for example, see and Not sure I have seen this before on the site?

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  1. Just about to say the same - Double marriage records. Also should the paragraph starting " as noted.... not read Births UP TO 1919, Marriages UP TO 1944 and Deaths UP TO 1969, respecting the online closure rules of 100/75/50 ?

  2. I believe you meant to write "partition" in all instances of "partion"!

  3. there might be double results in search results but the pdf images have identical weblinks