Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Living DNA updates European panel

From Living DNA (www.livingdna.com):

Living DNA European panel update

Living DNA’s European panel update includes the addition of new European regions and the ability for users to update their current results. This will make for a much smoother user experience that sends out automatic notifications when any regions qualify for an update.

● 9 new European regions
● Rich information covering genetic and cultural history
● Compare your previous results against your updated ones

Using the unique methods that power the Living DNA ancestry offering, our researchers have gathered data from across Europe in order to deliver the world’s most advanced product for people with European ancestry.

What regions are covered:
● Germany and immediate surrounding areas split into
○ Northeast Germanic
○ Northwest Germanic
○ South Germanic
● Iberia split into
○ West Iberia
○ East Iberia
● Russia split into
○ Finland
○ Western Russia
● Armenia and Cyprus split into
○ South Caucasus
○ Cyprus
● Chechnya renamed
○ Northeast Caucasus

How the science works
To determine your ancestral region(s) from the 73 current African regions, we analyze over 700,000 areas of your DNA. We then compare your unique DNA signature to our database of thousands of people with known ancestry throughout Europe and the world. Our ability to determine this incredible detail lies in our unique algorithms which compare not only which bits of DNA you have in common with populations but the arrangements and patterns they appear in. This extra power means we provide an unmatched resolution.

We used our own databases to retrieve genetic data from customers who had opted in to research and who had known ancestry from a specific region in Europe. Hierarchical clustering and chromosome painting methods were applied to the data in order to build a cluster tree which is later used to estimate the ancestry of every individual sample.

(With thanks to Living DNA)


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