Thursday, 3 November 2011

Heritage Family History eCourse

From genealogist Celia Heritage:

The Heritage Family History e-Course: Researching Your Family History

In this new e-course Celia Heritage will guide you through the pitfalls of tracing your family tree and give you tips to overcome any problems, while also taking a detailed look at the records and resources you will need in order to help you get the most from them. This in-depth course is aimed at those who are really serious about their family history and wish to learn all they can about the records they are using and develop a sound research technique to ensure they are tracing the correct family every step of the way. It also highlights the ways in which you can find out all you can about your ancestors rather than having just a list of names and dates.

The course is suitable for beginners as well as those people who have been tracing their family trees for several years, enabling them to enhance the knowledge, skill and understanding they already have. This first release consists of four modules covering how to start and family records (Module 1), and an in-depth look at both General Register Office and census records and how to use them (Modules 2, 3 and 4). The course also looks at the pros and cons of choosing a website and how to overcome family history's notorious brick walls. Further modules will be added in due course at a discount rate for those who have purchased the first release.

The e-Course also incorporates some short questions (with answers) as well as separate exercises for the student to work through in order to ensure they have understood the points made. Students work at their own pace and have no deadlines to meet.

Dedicated Student Links Website
One of the features that make this course stand out is its dedicated student links website, which is available only to e-course students. This provides easy access to, and information about, an extensive range of websites that will prove invaluable for both your initial research and then for more advanced research topics. Topics covered on the student links website range from BMD and Census listings through to Parish Records, Map Resources, DNA, tracing living relatives and archival listings. It also has dedicated pages for Scottish and Irish Resources.

Although the course is designed as a "work alone" course there are optional top-up packages where students can book tutorial sessions or ask questions relating to the course by telephone or Skype while the course also includes the opportunity to email Celia if you have any specific queries related to the course. This is currently limited to two emails per student. Finally, there will also be the opportunity to chat about the course and any problems with Celia and other students via the Heritage Family History Student Facebook page.

Module 1: Starting Out and Family Records
Module: 2 Census Returns and BMDs - An introduction
Module 3: Civil Registration - In Depth
Module 4: Census Records In -Depth and Related Sources

Usual Course Price: £79
Discount for newsletter and blog readers of £10 until end December

Top up packages
Phone sessions for students who want to discuss something covered by the course or in relation to their own research
£13 for up to 15 mins
£21 for up to 30 mins
Payment can be made via PayPal or cheque

Email questions
Up to two questions are included in the course price

For further details or to purchase the course visit or telephone 01797 344376



  1. Celia did some work for me a couple of years ago and she really knows her 'stuff'. This course looks very interesting - thanks for posting.

  2. I am a subscriber to British GENES. When I clicked the link for further details I got this:
    Error 403 - Forbidden
    You tried to access a document for which you don't have privileges.
    Now what?

  3. Try - you should be able to access it from there.


  4. Thank you. That got me to her site, but there the same . . . . /courses link gave the same Error 403 response. However there was sufficient information on her site that I was able to decide (in the negative) about the course. No criticism of the course is intended,- It just did not seem likely to meet my needs. Thanks for the help anyway.

  5. Hi Donald I am not sure why you are getting this error as it does not seem to be happening to anyone else (not that anyone has told me that is. If anyone else is having problem I would be grateful if you could let me know so we can try and sort it. There is a direct link to the course at

    Celia Heritage

  6. I found this course very good and another huge advantage was the extensive links to genealogy websites. I would certainly recommend it and can’t wait for the next mods!