Saturday 10 March 2012

1926 Irish census go ahead

Claire Santry is reporting that the plans to get the Irish 1926 census (for the Republic) online are at long last coming to fruition. The Irish Heritage minister has announced that ‘The legislation has been approved by the Cabinet.... I cannot start the process until the enabling legislation has been passed. It is hoped it will be ready in June or July.’

Claire's full report, with an example from the census, is available at - congrats to all groups and individuals in Ireland who lobbied for it! The plan is to try to get it online before 2016, the centenary anniversary for the Easter Rising against British rule in 1916, which kick started moves towards the south's independence from the UK a few years later.

(With thanks to Claire Santry)


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  1. Thanks Chris! CIGO has put a lot of hard work into its long campaign to get the Irish government to open the Irish 1926 census before 2026. The Central Statistics Office was having none of it, but we eventually made them think twice when we suggested that data relating to people born less than 100 years earlier could be redacted. Hopefully, redaction won't be needed... but the argument about how it could be the answer is certainly what made the new Heritage Minister, Jimmy Deenihan, look at the issue favourably.

    Des Clarke

  2. As I said, congrats to all who were involved!