Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Rootstech 2012 videos now online

Several lectures from the recent Rootstech 2012 conference in Utah are now available online at, including some which were not streamed live. Of those that were, the funniest by far was that by Josh Coates on the advent of cloud computing, worth watching even if you have no interest in computing, and presented at,AAAAsMO7iuE~,0a6boL_aMzTFMxNedZF0fkTYuc4uQ-qF&bctid=1433584983001 :

Other speakers include Kory Meyerink, Thomas MacEntee, Sandra Crowley, David Barney, Lisa Lousie Cooke, and many others.

(With thanks to @findmypastie) 


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  1. I was at RootsTech and this keynote speech. They also had many, many classes. Everything about RootsTech was excellent. The next RootsTech is at the end of March next year, so I really hope you can attend. You'd be a great class presenter for using Social media.

  2. Suspect it may be a bit beyond my means - good presentations though! :)