Thursday 6 September 2012 update

I've just had an email from Robert Woods pointing out some of the changes recently implemented on FamilyRelatives ( The site is one which is always on my radar, but which I just never seem to use much, so Robert's email has prompted me to have another look.

The layout is much improved, there's a new viewer, and for £30 subscription, that's not bad at all for what is there. You can have a look to see for yourself what is there - there's all sorts - but I just thought I'd highlight a couple of things particularly worthy of note.

The first is that the site freely offers access to the overseas GRO indexes, with all sorts available, from army indexes, consular records, Ionian Islands registration, and much more. These have been there for some time, but they are now very easy to locate on a dedicated page at - that is a page most definitely worth bookmarking.

There are pages for English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh records, as well as Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US. But something else that caught my eye is the ROW page (Rest of the World), with some interesting offerings. Here is what can be found there:
  • Barbados telephone directory 1969-1970
  • Directory of Swiss Manufacturers and Producers 1937
  • Juta's directory of Cape Town Suburbs & Simon's Town 1904
  • Southern Rhodesia telephone directory 1958
  • Telephone Directory Kenya, July 1962
  • Telephone Directory Tanganyika, March 1962
  • Telephone directory Uganda, october 1962

Definitely useful if you have research to pursue around the Commonwealth.

If you've not looked at the site before, it's definitely worth having a look at.


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