Tuesday 11 September 2012

FindmyPast UK makes friends with professional genealogists

Regular readers of this blog will know the fairly ridiculous situation that was unveiled a few weeks ago with the launch of FindmyPast.com in the US, which allowed professional genealogists in the UK access to that site, including its British records, via a simple subscription, a situation not possible for the same genealogists in the UK when accessing the same records on the UK version of the website! The terms and conditions on the UK site stated that genealogists could only use the British site if they paid for an expensive package of credits. The upshot was that many genealogists in Britain decided "sod that", and signed up to the US site with its Pioneer subscription at £37 a year (offer now over, sorry!).

Well it seems FindmyPast has now had a major rethink. The following terms are now listed on the site:

What you can use the service for: You can use the website for your own personal use, e.g., to research your own family history. We are also happy for you to help out other people with their family history by telling them about records available on the website and how and where they can be found.

Professional and corporate use: If you're a self-employed professional genealogist, you can use the site to carry out research for others, using either PayAsYouGo credits or a subscription. If you work for an organisation or company that carries out research using our records, contact us to find out more about corporate access to the service.

A huge thank you to FindmyPast for at last seeing a bit of common sense on the issue! I know from many discussions with other genies on LinkedIn and other forums that this was a major concern, and a source of complete bewilderment. An equal thank you also to the set up in the States, which clearly set the agenda.

(Thanks to @sheentait on Twitter)

UPDATE: The FindmyPast Ireland site at www.findmypast.ie is also carrying the same updated terms and conditions.


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  1. Good news at last. Saves having to creep around like a thief in the night!!