Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Forthcoming events at Bletchley Park

Forthcoming events at Bletchley Park (www.bletchleypark.org.uk):

11 October 7.30pm: Geoffrey Greaves opens the Winter Lecture Series 2012 / 2013 by talking about BRIXMIS, a reciprocal spying operation which was formed in East Germany less than a year after the end of WW2. More details of the winter lecture series can be found at http://bl.commsbox.co.uk/newsletter/lt.rhtm/4/381272/668452.html.

14 October 1pm. Did Churchill let the Luftwaffe bomb Coventry? Ask the Myth Busters at Bletchley Park. Firther details at www.bletchleypark.org.uk/calendar/event_detail.rhtm?cat=special&recID=667351

(With thanks to Bletchley Park)


Scottish Research Online - 5 weeks online Pharos course, £45.99, taught by Chris Paton from 26 SEP 2012 - see www.pharostutors.com
New book: It's Perthshire 1866 - there's been a murder... www.thehistorypress.co.uk/products/The-Mount-Stewart-Murder.aspx (from June 12th 2012)

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