Thursday, 26 February 2015

British GENES podcast launch

Well I've been toying with this as an idea for a while, and have finally bitten the bullet - the British GENES Podcast is born!

The aim of the new monthly podcast will be to bring some of the top stories each month from the British Isles and beyond. In this first edition (where I have been learning to find my feet using sound editing platforms and more!), I look at 3 parent babies, the use of DNA to preserve digital data, the National Records of Scotland's announcement on its future property requirements, historic Ordnance Survey maps for Northern Ireland, the possibility for digital access to English and Welsh vital records, and the value of the Statistical Accounts of Scotland. There's also information on the forthcoming Scottish Research Online course from Pharos Tutors which kicks off next week.

As I get more confident with it I will hopefully bring interviews with some of the great and the good in the local genie scene and wider afield, as well as tips to help with research, and more. At the moment I want to walk before I run! I'm still learning here, so hope to improve how this is recorded in due course (for example there is a minor hum in the background from the PC stack, noted for future reference!)

So here goes...

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Please let me know what you think!


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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed that Chris. Was listening on my phone so the pc hiss didn't bother me at all. In fact I was only aware of it once silence was restored at the end :-) Please don''t bother with fancy themes and background tunes. It worked brilliantly because it was plain and simple with the emphasis on content not bells and whistles. Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Looking forward to making the next one!

  3. Lovely to hear your dulcet tones Chris and especially loved your "fairy" story! I enjoy keeping up to date with your newsletter but this format actually made me pay a bit more attention and I learned something new about the EDINA statistical accounts which I must follow up. Agree with first post, just keep it simple, you have a grand voice.

  4. Brilliant! I really enjoyed it. And we all need a BRITISH-themed podcast (as opposed to the many American podcasts out there). It's like breath of fresh air! Please keep it up - maybe one day put it on iTunes too?

  5. You're certainly filling a void Chris. Congratulations on your debut.

  6. Thanks Jill.

    iTunes a possibility in due course Anonymous - need to walk first before running!

  7. Terrific! Good job Chris, you packed a lot into the time. I shall listen again!

  8. As has already been said, that was very enjoyable and informative. And, as has already been said too, there is no need to try to "jazz it up" - this is one thing that I think improves with simplicity. If you are a genealogist, you don't have a problem with attention spans and need to be kept interested!

  9. Finally listened and enjoyed the program Chris. There is no need for music or frills, your voice has a lovely lilt and is very clear, easy to listen to and understand (even for a foreigner).. The content was good and the length of the broadcast will ensure that people will listen all the way through.