Friday, 20 February 2015

Historic Northern Irish OS maps on NI Environment Agency website

In November last year I noticed that the Ordnance Survey for Northern Ireland website had been relocated to, but that the historic OS maps were no longer available there (see I queried this with them and was told that it was hoped they would be online in the near future.

Well it seems that the Northern Irish Environment Agency now has them hosted on its platform at You will find the historic six inch series of Ordnance Survey maps for the north under the Historic Maps link, with the earliest dating from 1829-1835, and the latest historic map available dating from 1945. The site is completely free to access. You can zoom in and out by clicking on the + or - sign at the top, and can also select an area using the + key, simply clicking with the left button of your mouse and dragging across the area of interest. You can then use the hand icon to grab onto a map once zoomed in, to drag it across the screen, or under the Navigation menu option on the left simply drag your mouse across the compass image to achieve the same thing. (One thing to bear in mind is that if you don't use it for too long, your access will time out, and you will need to reload the site.)

If like me, you lost several years of your life through the stress of using the old version of this database, I think you'll be in for a much happier time now! Conclusive proof that God is indeed an Ulsterman.

Been saying it for years... :)

(With thanks to Lorraine Stewart via the Scottish Genealogy Network Linked In forum)


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