Tuesday 11 July 2017

Coming Soon - Discover Scottish Land Records (2nd ed)

Coming soon from Unlock the Past (www.unlockthepast.com.au):

Discover Scottish Land Records (2nd edition)

This updated guide from family historian Chris Paton takes a look at the complicated records concerning land and property research in Scotland. For centuries property transactions within the country were governed by feudal tenure, a system which was abandoned in England and Wales in the Middle Ages but wich continued in Scotland until 2004. But feudalism was not the only method by which land was held, with Udal law, duthchas, leasehold and more competing as forms of tenure across the country at different times.

Connected with the rules surrounding property transactions were those associated with the inheritance of land and heritable estate, all of which are explained in great detail. From sasines to skat, from retours to precepts of clare constat, and from apparent heirs to heirs apparent, this concise guide will help you to get to grips with one of the most exciting and useful topics within Scottish family history.


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