Saturday 8 July 2017

FindmyPast latest additions

The following collections have been added to FindmyPast (

Dublin City Ordnance Survey Map 1847

Explore 33 fascinating Ordinance Survey maps covering Dublin at the height of the Great Famine. This large-scale government map, broken up into numerous sheets, displays the locations of all the streets, buildings, gardens, lanes, barracks, hospitals, churches and landmarks throughout the city. You can even see illustrations of the trees in St Steven's Green.

Ireland, Maps and Surveys 1558-1610

Delve through 68 beautifully illustrated early Irish maps digitised in full colour from the National Archives series State Papers Ireland. These m
aps were created during the reigns of Elizabeth I and James I and assisted the English in the plantation of Ireland - a time when the English crown confiscated Irish lands and redistributed them to English planters or settlers. Most of the land confiscated had previously belonged to Gaelic leaders in Munster and Ulster.

Wiltshire Wills and Probate Index 1530-1881

Explore more than 130,000 Wiltshire Wills and Probate records in this free index. Each record consists of a transcript that will reveal your ancestor's occupation, if they left a will and when they left it.

London Marriage Licences 1521-1869

Search thousands of London Marriage records spanning 348 years of the city's history to determine whether your ancestor's were married by licence. The records are presented in a Portable Document Format (PDF). You can search the whole text of the document with the full text option. This will allow you to search by name, parish, or even other facts such as occupation or father's name. Records will typically reveal your ancestor's occupation, marital status, father's name, previous spouse's name (if widowed) and corresponding details for their intended spouse.

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