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TheGenealogist adds directories from 1921

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TheGenealogist introduces a new census substitute for the year 1921

TheGenealogist has just released a new circa 1921 resource, covering 23 counties, with over one million records. These form part of the Trade, Residential & Telephone record sets on TheGenealogist covering a period currently not served by a census.

The fully transcribed, searchable records released today will allow researchers to:

● search on forename, surname and profession
● search by street, town and county
● look for a business name
● discover your ancestors’ addresses
● find professions listed

These 1921 directories cover the North, South, East and the West of England, the Channel Islands and as far up the country as Aberdeen. If you have ancestors who you are tracing in 1921, this new release from TheGenealogist adds a fantastic name rich resource to your family history research armoury.

Searching for householders within these 23 newly released county directories returns a good number of names from that time, including many that are still famous today. For example, in these new records we can find Harry Gordon Selfridge, founder of Selfridge's department store; Jesse Boot, who was behind the chemist chain that still carries his name; Winnie-the-Pooh’s author A. A. Milne; J.M. Barrie, who created the characters of Peter Pan and Wendy; plus the celebrated economist, John Maynard Keynes. You can read more about finding them in the records in our featured article at:

The areas covered in this release include:
● Aberdeen
● Bath
● Berkshire
● Bradford and Surrounding Districts
● Bristol and Suburberbs
● Brixton and Clapham
● Buckinghamshire
● Cambridgeshire
● Channel Islands
● Cheshire
● Cumberland
● Dorset
● Durham
● Hessle
● Hull
● Lincolnshire
● London
● London County Suburbs
● Middlesbrough
● Norfolk
● Northumberland
● Oxfordshire
● Somerset
● Suffolk
● Westmorland
● Wiltshire
● Worcestershire
● Yorkshire

We will be adding further counties in the coming months.

(With thanks to Nick Thorne)


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