Friday, 21 July 2017

Not every document is on paper!

My wife and I returned from a short three day visit to Germany yesterday, where we stayed in Düsseldorf and visited Cologne (Köln). Whilst there I came across many forms of commemoration for people and events, including a statue of Otto von Bismarck (Germany's first chancellor), a sculpture commemorating the rebuilding of Düsseldorf after the Second World War, plaques commemorating all sorts of historic developments in the city, lovelocks on Cologne's main bridge, coats of arms, streetsigns, and a fairly new one on me, 3D printed sculptures of people, either as commemorative items in their own right or for putting on wedding cakes!

Just a wee reminder folks that not every document of use for family history research is on paper or parchment - and I wonder who is recording all that genealogical data available on the lovelocks...?!


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