Friday 20 October 2017

Archive conservation work

There are two good articles online today discussing the work of conservators in preserving and repairing archive based material.

First, the National Records of Scotland blog has a post at, written by NRS conservator Gloria Conti, detailing the work of the facility's Conservation Services Branch in Edinburgh.

Elsewhere, the National Archives in England has a blog post online at detailing the specific conservation work applied to a 17th century binding of a documents collection from the weirdly and wonderfully named Office of First Fruits and Tenths and the Court of Augmentations, within the Exchequer records held at the facility.

For a great story on a further successful conservation effort, don't forget to visit the website of the Great Parchment Book project at, including the wonderful video on its homepage showing how this important work concerning the Ulster Plantations was rescued after severe fire damage.


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