Sunday 22 October 2017

Previously... Scotland's History Festival

This year's Previously... Scotland's History Festival is taking place between November 17th-26th in Edinburgh. Some of the events that are drawing my attention, if I can get over to Edinburgh (!) :

A Very Short Introduction To The Napoleonic Wars

Scotland : A Century of Nationalism

Reformation Dramas

Coffee, Tea and a PhD : Mark Huggins : A Thousand Years Of Easter

Kings, Demons and Witches

Unionists and Jacobites

Growing Up In Scotland : A Century of Childhood

The Antonine Wall : What World Heritage Sites can do for you

and just for good measure, because it sounds brilliant:

Ghosts, Skeletons and Koopa Troopas: A Brief History of Baddies in Computer Games

There are dozens more events - the full list is available at


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