Friday 27 October 2017

National Library of Wales broadcast archive survey

The National Library of Wales ( has an online survey for interested users to fill out concerning a proposed Broadcast Archive. From the Survey:

The National Library of Wales Broadcast Archive is a brand new ambitious project at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth!

With financial support from the HLF, we’re receiving BBC Cymru/Wales sound and video recordings to add to our collections. So, that’s all of the original recordings and their digital copies, which will be added to the ITV Wales film and video archive already kept at the Library

We will be:
preserving the collections for ever by keeping them safe in a brand new storage area making it digitally available for the public to view

All of the material will be available to view in 4 digital viewing hubs that we will be opening in Aberystwyth, Wrexham, Carmarthen and Cardiff and 1000 clips will be available to view online on our website.

The collection is unique in that it records all aspects of life in 20th century Wales. It includes radio recordings from the 1930s and television from the 1950s and with over 360,000 sound and video items to choose from the programmes are as varied as life is in Wales!

Maybe you will discover a clip of your favourite rugby game, news of an event you remember, an exciting episode of your favourite soap opera, a piece of comedy that makes you laugh until your sides hurt, your favourite pop star or a children's programme that reminds you of your childhood ... or even maybe a clip of your grandparents ...

And there are sports programmes, news, documentaries, soaps, dramas, comedy, music and children’s television ….. And so much more ….. The programmes are as varied as life is in Wales …..

We really want to develop a project that you will love and so we need to know what you want us to do!

Help us at the National Library to plan and develop a project for you by taking five minutes to answer this questionnaire!

The survey is available online at


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