Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Further free records added to Irish Genealogy

Thanks to Claire Santry for announcing that the Irish Government's free records site Irish Genealogy (www.irishgenealogy.ie) has been adding more records. Claire's announcement is at http://www.irishgenealogynews.com/2017/11/irishgenealogyie-adds-more-free.html.

I've had a play, and whilst it is welcome that records have been added (mostly earlier marriage records from what I can see), I have also noticed something odd which I hope is a temporary glitch - namely that the registration district names appear to have disappeared from the indexes to many of the earlier marriage and death records.

To give an example... I know that my three times great grandfather Jackson Curry died in 1867 and that his death was registered in the district of Magherafelt, in Derry, in the 4th quarter of that year. When I do a search for Jackson using Magherafelt as the registration district, no results appear. When I do a search for him just by name, I then get the following:

This is the right entry - but the registration district is not noted.

I'm also getting duplication of indexes. For example, another Jackson Corry (Curry) married Eliza Jane Armstrong on 20 DEC 1878 in Newry. The record is found on Irish Genealogy, but in two different index entries, one of which has the image attached, and the other again noted without the Registration District (though the year, quarter, volume number and page number are correct):

Hopefully someone will sort it soon enough!

(With thanks to Claire)


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