Tuesday 28 November 2017

Useful research tool for IrishGenealogy records

Thanks to Joe Buggy via Twitter (@TownlandOrigin) for a useful tip a few days ago. Joe flagged up a great blog post at http://www.swilson.info/wp/?p=2105 which demonstrates how to use a special online tool that allows you to step through pages on the Irish civil registration birth, marriage and death registers as hosted on IrishGenealogy (www.irishgenealogy.ie).

The tool itself is located at http://www.irelandgen.com/tools/gro_img_nav.php and you simply paste in the URL of the web page that shows the PDF document on the site - once in, and submit is clicked, you can step through the relevant register a page at a time, 5 pages, 10 pages or 50 pages.

It's a great tool, and the timing was perfect as I had to order up an official copy of a marriage record this morning for a client's Irish passport application. The address of the church was difficult to decipher, but going back a page or two I was able to locate it by seeing other examples of the handwriting which recorded it.

Incidentally, I'm not sure who S. Wilson is, but he/she has a great site at http://www.swilson.info with some useful resources for Irish research - well worth a look!

(With thanks to all mentioned!)

UPDATE: Shane Wilson - thanks Shane!


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  1. Shane Wilson - aka @shanew147 on twitter

  2. Thanks Shane! Maeve Rogan just updated me via Facebook - great work!