Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Paisley poor law records indexes online

Good news for those with connections to Paisley in Renfrewshire:

Heritage Centre makes Paisley Poor Law Indexes searchable online.

This important source of information for people researching their family history and Paisley and Renfrewshire’s social history is now much easier to search. The Heritage Centre has created an online version of the Paisley Poor Law Indexes to open up the collection to those with ancestors from this area. Find out more about these unique records, the information they contain, and how they can help you with your research on our website:

From the site itself:

What area and time period do the records cover?

The records start in 1839 and run until 1942, with Parochial Boards being responsible for the administration of these records. The boards covered by our records are –
  • Paisley Parochial Board
  • Paisley Parish Council
  • Paisley Burgh
  • Abbey Parochial Board

What information is contained in a Poor Law application?

Information contained in applications for poor relief can be very useful to people researching their family history, but its depth can vary considerably. Records can include general information, such as
  • name age and place of birth
  • name of spouse and date and place of marriage
  • parents’ names and names and ages and residence of children, and if any of them are deceased
  • present address and previous addresses

They can also include detailed additional information about the family’s circumstances. Some even include birth, marriage, and death certificates, reports, wills, and newspaper cuttings.

(With thanks to Kirsty Wilkinson via Facebook)


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