Sunday, 12 November 2017

Scottish Witch Trial victims commemoration request

The following is from Ruth Maguire, the MSP for the Scottish constituency of Cunninghame South in North Ayrshire. On 9 NOV 2017 Ruth asked the Scottish Parliament's Minister for International Development and Europe (Dr. Alasdair Allan) the following question at General Questions in Holyrood, with reference to this being the Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology:

"To ask the Scottish Government what it is doing to mark the Scottish witch trials during the year of history, heritage and archaeology 2017?"

Thousands of women were murdered as part of the persecution of alleged witches over four centuries ago, and there have been calls from several quarters for those killed to be remembered in some way by the state. The following is part of their exchange, after Dr. Allan then confirmed there were no plans at present to do so:

The text of the full exchange is available at


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