Thursday 4 January 2018

How To Stand Out From The Crowd – Developing a Personal Brand

On November 9th 2017 I took part in an online CPD event for the Britain, Ireland and the Islands Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists (, entitled How To Stand Out From The Crowd – Developing a Personal Brand. Hosting and steering the conversation was Fiona Fitzsimons from Dublin based Eneclann (, and interviewed alongside me was Cork based Lorna Moloney (Clans and Surnames, and The Genealogy Radio Show).

We had a fascinating discussion in what was an all Ireland bash (although I'm based in Scotland!), in which we covered a range of issues about how we have both tried to create careers for ourselves in this mad auld genealogy world within which we reside, and in which we provided various takes on how things are changing around us.

The discussion is now freely available online on YouTube at, and presented here for convenience:

Further CPD sessions from the APG are being planned - to join the organisation, visit the website at

(With thanks to Fiona, Lorna, and the APG)


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