Thursday 18 January 2018

Irish Daily Independent and Limerick Chronicle now online

The Irish Newspaper Archives ( have completed the runs for two titles and added two more:

We are delighted to announce the release of 2 new titles to our archives; the Irish Daily Independent & The Limerick Chronicle. We have also updated two existing titles and completed the archives for the Sligo Champion and Waterford News & Star.

New Titles:
Irish Daily Independent 02/01/1893 - 13/12/1904
Limerick Chronicle 04/01/1994 - 1812/2001

Updated Content:
Waterford News & Star 11/01/1980 - 24/12/1999
The Sligo Champion 01/01/1916 - 31/12/1949

Further info:

The Irish Daily Independent 1893 - 1904
The Irish Daily Independent was established 1890 with its first publication Vol 1 No.1 on the 18.December.1891 the Irish Daily Independent absorbed the Daily Nation newspaper and the merger of the papers can been seen through the change of mast head from September 1900. The title then became the Irish Daily Independent & Daily Nation.

The Limerick Chronicle 1994 - 2001
The Limerick Chronicle of 1768 was printed and edited by John Ferrar who was a prominent bookseller and printer in Limerick. He was also responsible for the first published history of Limerick which he brought out in three editions between 1767 and 1787.

The Waterford News & Star 1980-1999The Waterford News offers a wealth of information from County Waterford and the surrounding areas. The archive spans 169 years offering insight into local and the national events. Established on the 22.Sept.1848 by Mr Cornelius P. Redmond

The Sligo Champion 1916 - 1949The Sligo Champion is one of Ireland’s oldest and leading regional newspaper titles. The first edition of the Sligo Champion was published on the 04.06.1836 from Stephen Street, County Sligo. Mr Edward Howard Verdon was the founder and editor of the newspaper and Mayor of Sligo four times. On the day of it's first publication it is said that crowds gathered outside the premises from 8:00am although the paper was not due for release till 1:00pm.

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