Thursday 24 October 2019

DeceasedOnline introduces new annual subscription tiers

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New Subscriptions

At Deceased Online we are introducing new ways to improve and expand our range of data, adding records from a greater number of cemeteries and crematoria across the UK, and giving our users the benefit of more regular additions of new records.

These improvement plans will include changes to the way we offer annual subscriptions.

Our users range from the occasional family historian through to corporate users viewing many thousands of records a year. Until now we have not differentiated between types of user, but offered a single annual subscription option at £89 for unlimited views of most of our records. We’ve managed to resist the pressure to increase this price for over 5 years, since we first introduced subscriptions, even while users were expressing surprise at the generosity of the unlimited views offered.

Users can still purchase a subscription for £89, although the terms have changed slightly. We have decided, in line with other on-line genealogy websites, to offer a range of subscriptions to suit customers according to how heavily they would like to use the site.

To do this we now offer three annual subscription options, each with a different limit to the number of records viewable.

The basic annual subscription, now called ‘Silver’, will remain at £89. However, we have introduced a limit of 450 record views for this subscription*, which we calculate will not affect the majority of our users. For heavier professional and corporate users of the site we have introduced the ‘Gold’ subscription at £249 for a maximum of 2000 views, and the ‘Platinum’ subscription at £499 for 5000 views.

We feel this is a fair and long-overdue revision of our subscriptions policy, which will help us to be more cost effective and allow us to expand and improve the website, which is what our customers want.

*Existing subscriptions will remain unlimited until expiry

Terms and Conditions

We have amended Section 6 of the website Terms and Conditions to reflect the changes to subscriptions.

We have also in Section 10 clarified the types of user we allow to use the website. In particular we have made it clear that it is an abuse for registered users to distribute paid-for information from our website, via social media or by any other method, to others who are pursuing their own separate family history enquiries.

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