Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New PRONI bus routes

Missed this one! From PRONI (www.proni.gov.uk), news on a new Metro bus service to the archive:

Translink Metro has launched new bus services for the Titanic Quarter. Supported by funding from Titanic Quarter, enhanced Metro 26, 26b and 26c services commenced on September 1. These services will depart from Wellington Place in Belfast City Centre and a minimum of three services per hour will be provided with two of these extending into the Science Park situated on Queen’s Road. The service will operate from early morning until 6pm, Monday – Friday. The new Metro 26 timetable also includes a number of connecting through services to and from the University quarter in South Belfast. After 6pm, Mon – Fri, and on Saturdays passengers can use service 600 which will operate to Belfast Metropolitan College.


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